Chapter 74.60 RCW



HTMLPDF 74.60.005PurposeFindingsIntent.
HTMLPDF 74.60.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 74.60.020Hospital safety net assessment fund.
HTMLPDF 74.60.030Assessments.
HTMLPDF 74.60.040Exemptions.
HTMLPDF 74.60.050Notices of assessmentAdministration and collection.
HTMLPDF 74.60.060Local assessments or taxes not authorized.
HTMLPDF 74.60.070Assessment part of operating overhead.
HTMLPDF 74.60.080Disbursements from hospital safety net assessment fund.
HTMLPDF 74.60.090Grants to certified public expenditure hospitals.
HTMLPDF 74.60.100Critical access hospital payments.
HTMLPDF 74.60.110Small rural disproportionate share hospital payments.
HTMLPDF 74.60.120Direct supplemental payments to hospitals.
HTMLPDF 74.60.130Managed care capitation payments.
HTMLPDF 74.60.140Multihospital locations, new hospitals, and changes in ownership.
HTMLPDF 74.60.150Conditions.
HTMLPDF 74.60.160Contracting with health care authority.
HTMLPDF 74.60.170Estimated hospital net financial benefit determined by the authorityFormulaModification.
HTMLPDF 74.60.900Severability2010 1st sp.s. c 30.
HTMLPDF 74.60.902Expiration of chapter2010 1st sp.s. c 30.