Chapter 74.39A RCW



HTMLPDF 74.39A.005Findings.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.007Purpose and intent.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.009Definitions.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.010Assisted living services and enhanced adult residential careContractsRules.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.020Adult residential careContractsRules.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.030Expansion of home and community servicesPayment rates.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.032Medicaid payment methodology for certain contracted assisted living facilitiesEstablished by ruleRequired components.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.035Expansion of nutrition services through the meals on wheels program.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.040Department assessment of and assistance to hospital patients in need of long-term care.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.051Quality improvement principles.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.056Background checks on long-term care workers.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.060Toll-free telephone number for complaintsInvestigation and referralRulesDiscrimination or retaliation prohibited.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.070Rules for qualifications and training requirementsRequirement that contractors comply with federal and state regulations.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.074Training requirements for long-term care workersRules.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.076Training requirements for individual providers caring for family members.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.078Rules for the approval of curricula for facility-based caregivers serving persons with behavioral health needs and geriatric behavioral health workersCurricula requirements.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.080Department authority to take actions in response to noncompliance or violations.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.086Enforcement actions against persons not certified as home care aides and their employersRule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.090Discharge planningContracts for case management services and reassessment and reauthorizationAssessment of case management roles and quality of in-home care servicesPlan of care model language.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.095Case management servicesContractual requirementsConsumers' plans of careNotification to consumer directed employer.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.100Chore servicesLegislative finding, intent.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.110Chore servicesLegislative policy and intent regarding available fundsLevels of service.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.120Chore servicesExpenditure limitationPrioritiesRule on patient resource limit.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.130Chore servicesDepartment to develop program.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.140Chore servicesEmployment of public assistance recipients.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.150Chore services for persons with disabilitiesEligibility.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.155Support for persons at risk of institutional placement.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.160Transfer of assetsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.170Recovery of paymentsTransfer of assets rules for eligibilityDisclosure of estate recovery costs, terms, and conditions.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.180Authority to pay for probate actions and collection of bad debts.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.200Training curricula, materialsIn public domainExceptions.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.210Disclosure of employee informationEmployer immunityRebuttable presumption.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.240Definitions.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.250Individual provider referral registryConsumer directed employer dutiesDepartment duties.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.261Background checks on individual providersDepartment duties.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.270Individual providers contracted with the departmentCollective bargainingCircumstances in which individual providers are considered public employeesExceptionsLimitations.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.275Individual provider overtimeAnnual expenditure reports to legislature and joint legislative-executive overtime oversight task force.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.300Funding processDepartment-contracted individual providers.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.310Contract for individual home care services providersCost of change in wages and benefits funded or increase in labor rates.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.320Establishment of capital add-on rateDetermination of medicaid occupancy percentage.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.326In-home personal care or respite services to family membersDepartment not authorized to payExceptionsEnforcementRules.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.331Peer mentoring.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.341Continuing education requirements for long-term care workers.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.351Advanced training.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.360Training partnership.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.370Addressing long-term care complaint workload.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.380Internal quality review and accountability program for residential care servicesQuality assurance panelReport.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.390Personal care servicesGlove access.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.400Personal care servicesCommunity first choice option.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.500Consumer directed employer programEstablishmentStructureVendor qualificationsTransitionDepartment duties.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.505Consumer directed employer programRule-making authority2018 c 278.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.510Consumer directed employer programLimitations.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.515Duties of consumer directed employers that employ individual providersCase management responsibilitiesRule making.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.520Individual providers employed by a consumer directed employerConsumer's right to select, schedule, supervise, or dismiss individual providers.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.525Overtime criteriaDepartment-contracted individual providersIndividual providers employed by a consumer directed employerRule makingExpenditure reportsJoint legislative-executive overtime oversight task force.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.530Consumer directed employer programLabor and administrative ratesRate-setting boardFunding process.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.540Home care safety net assessment work groupSecuring federal fundingContractingReporting.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.550Long-term care industry dataAnnual report.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.800Changes to agreementsPerformance of duties.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.900Section captions1993 c 508.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.901Conflict with federal requirements.
HTMLPDF 74.39A.903Effective date1993 c 508.