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Powers and duties of department.

Subject to available funds, and consistent with federal law and regulations the department shall:
(1) Develop statewide rehabilitation programs;
(2) Provide vocational rehabilitation services, independent living services, and/or job support services to individuals with disabilities or severe disabilities;
(3) Disburse all funds provided by law and may receive, accept and disburse such gifts, grants, conveyances, devises and bequests of real and personal property from public or private sources, as may be made from time to time, in trust or otherwise, whenever the terms and conditions thereof will aid in carrying out rehabilitation services as specified by law and the regulations of the department; and may sell, lease or exchange real or personal property according to the terms and conditions thereof. Any money so received shall be deposited in the state treasury for investment, reinvestment or expenditure in accordance with the conditions of its receipt and RCW 43.88.180;
(4) Appoint and fix the compensation and prescribe the duties, of the personnel necessary for the administration of this chapter, unless otherwise provided by law;
(5) Make exploratory studies, do reviews, and research relative to rehabilitation;
(6) Coordinate with the state rehabilitation advisory council and the state independent living advisory council on the administration of the programs;
(7) Report to the governor and to the legislature on the administration of this chapter, as requested; and
(8) Adopt rules, in accord with chapter 34.05 RCW, necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.
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