Chapter 72.40 RCW



72.40.010Schools establishedPurposeDirection.
72.40.015Center for deaf and hard of hearing youthFunctions.
72.40.019Center for deaf and hard of hearing youthAppointment of directorQualifications.
72.40.0191Center for deaf and hard of hearing youthDirector's powers and duties.
72.40.020State school for the blindAppointment of superintendentQualifications.
72.40.022Superintendent of the state school for the blindPowers and duties.
72.40.024Superintendents and directorAdditional powers and duties.
72.40.028Teachers' qualificationsSalariesProvisional certification.
72.40.031School yearSchool termLegal holidaysUse of schools.
72.40.040Who may be admitted.
72.40.050Admission of nonresidents.
72.40.060Duty of school districts.
72.40.070Duty of educational service districts.
72.40.080Duty of parents.
72.40.090Weekend transportationExpense.
72.40.110Employees' hours of labor.
72.40.120Center for deaf and hard of hearing youthSchool for the blindAppropriations.
72.40.200Safety of students and protection from child abuse and neglect.
72.40.210Reports to parentsRequirement.
72.40.220Behavior management policies, procedures, and techniques.
72.40.230Staff orientation and training.
72.40.240Residential staffing requirement.
72.40.250Protection from child abuse and neglectSupervision of employees and volunteersProcedures.
72.40.260Protection from child abuse and neglectStudent instruction.
72.40.270Protection from sexual victimizationPolicy.
72.40.280Monitoring of residential program by department of social and health servicesRecommendationsComprehensive child health and safety reviewsAccess to records and documentsSafety standards.
72.40.290Center for deaf and hard of hearing youth account.
72.40.300School for the blind account.


Children with disabilities, parental responsibility, commitment: Chapter 26.40 RCW.
Disposition of property of deceased inmate of state institution: RCW 11.08.101, 11.08.111, 11.08.120.
Employment of dental hygienist without supervision of dentist authorized in state institutions: RCW 18.29.056.
Teachers' qualifications at state schools for the deaf and blind: RCW 72.40.028.