Chapter 72.02 RCW



HTMLPDF 72.02.015Powers of court or judge not impaired.
HTMLPDF 72.02.040Secretary acting for department exercises powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 72.02.045Superintendent's authority.
HTMLPDF 72.02.055Appointment of associate superintendents.
HTMLPDF 72.02.100Earnings, clothing, transportation, subsistence payments, and rental vouchers upon release of certain prisoners.
HTMLPDF 72.02.110Weekly payments to certain released prisoners.
HTMLPDF 72.02.150Disturbances at state penal facilitiesDevelopment of contingency plansScopeLocal participation.
HTMLPDF 72.02.160Disturbances at state penal facilitiesUtilization of outside law enforcement personnelScope.
HTMLPDF 72.02.200Reception and classification units.
HTMLPDF 72.02.210SentenceCommitment to reception units.
HTMLPDF 72.02.220Cooperation with reception units by state agencies.
HTMLPDF 72.02.230Persons to be received for classification and placement.
HTMLPDF 72.02.240Secretary to determine placementWhat laws govern confinement, parole and discharge.
HTMLPDF 72.02.250Commitment of convicted female personsProcedure as to death sentences.
HTMLPDF 72.02.260Letters of inmates may be withheld.
HTMLPDF 72.02.270Abused victimsMurder of abuserNotice of provisions for reduction in sentence.
HTMLPDF 72.02.280Motion pictures.