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Legislative findingIntent1988 c 176.

The legislature finds that the statutory authority for the programs, policies, and services of the department of social and health services for persons with developmental disabilities often lack[s] clarity and contain[s] internal inconsistencies. In addition, existing authority is in several chapters of the code and frequently contains obsolete language not reflecting current use. The legislature declares that it is in the public interest to unify and update statutes for programs, policies, and services provided to persons with developmental disabilities.
The legislature intends to recodify the authority for the programs, policies, and services for persons with developmental disabilities. This recodification is not intended to affect existing programs, policies, and services, nor to establish any new program, policies, or services not otherwise authorized before June 9, 1988. The legislature intends to provide only those services authorized under state law before June 9, 1988, and only to the extent funds are provided by the legislature.
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