Chapter 71.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 71.12.455Definitions.
HTMLPDF 71.12.460License to be obtainedPenalty.
HTMLPDF 71.12.470License applicationFees.
HTMLPDF 71.12.480Examination before granting licenseInspection and technical assistance to psychiatric hospitals after granting license.
HTMLPDF 71.12.485Fire protectionDuties of chief of the Washington state patrol.
HTMLPDF 71.12.490Expiration and renewal of license.
HTMLPDF 71.12.500Examination of private establishments.
HTMLPDF 71.12.510Examination and visitation in general.
HTMLPDF 71.12.520Scope of examination.
HTMLPDF 71.12.530Conference with managementImprovement.
HTMLPDF 71.12.540Recommendations to be kept on fileRecords of inmates.
HTMLPDF 71.12.545Cease and desist noticesAdjudicative proceedings.
HTMLPDF 71.12.550Local authorities may also prescribe standards.
HTMLPDF 71.12.560Voluntary patientsReceipt authorizedApplicationReport.
HTMLPDF 71.12.570Communications by patientsRights.
HTMLPDF 71.12.590Revocation of license for noncomplianceExemption as to Christian Science establishments.
HTMLPDF 71.12.595Suspension of licenseNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
HTMLPDF 71.12.640Prosecuting attorney shall prosecute violations.
HTMLPDF 71.12.670Licensing, operation, inspectionAdoption of rules.
HTMLPDF 71.12.680Pediatric transitional care servicesRequirements.
HTMLPDF 71.12.682Pediatric transitional care servicesRules not considered new service category.
HTMLPDF 71.12.684Pediatric transitional care servicesRules, requirements.
HTMLPDF 71.12.686Pediatric transitional care servicesDuties of the department of social and health services.
HTMLPDF 71.12.688Pediatric transitional care servicesFacilities not subject to construction review.
HTMLPDF 71.12.700Psychiatric hospitalsTechnical assistance.
HTMLPDF 71.12.710Private establishmentsNoncompliancePenalties.
HTMLPDF 71.12.720Psychiatric hospitalsReporting.
HTMLPDF 71.12.730Psychiatric hospitalsManaged care organizations.
HTMLPDF 71.12.740Multistate nurse licenseConditions of employment.
HTMLPDF 71.12.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Cost of services, disclosure: RCW 70.41.250.
Individuals with mental illness, commitment procedures, rights, etc.: Chapter 71.05 RCW.
MinorsMental health services, commitment: Chapter 71.34 RCW.
State hospitals for individuals with mental illness: Chapter 72.23 RCW.