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Sexually violent predator petitionProbable cause hearingJudicial determinationTransfer to total confinement facility upon probable cause determination.

(1) Upon the filing of a petition under RCW 71.09.030, the judge shall determine whether probable cause exists to believe that the person named in the petition is a sexually violent predator. If such determination is made the judge shall direct that the person be taken into custody and notify the office of public defense of the potential need for representation.
(2) Within seventy-two hours after a person is taken into custody pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, the court shall provide the person with notice of, and an opportunity to appear in person at, a hearing to contest probable cause as to whether the person is a sexually violent predator. In order to assist the person at the hearing, within twenty-four hours of service of the petition, the prosecuting agency shall provide to the person or his or her counsel a copy of all materials provided to the prosecuting agency by the referring agency pursuant to RCW 71.09.025, or obtained by the prosecuting agency pursuant to RCW 71.09.025(1) (c) and (d). At this hearing, the court shall (a) verify the person's identity, and (b) determine whether probable cause exists to believe that the person is a sexually violent predator. At the probable cause hearing, the state may rely upon the petition and certification for determination of probable cause filed pursuant to RCW 71.09.030. The state may supplement this with additional documentary evidence or live testimony. The person may be held in total confinement at the county jail until the trial court renders a decision after the conclusion of the seventy-two hour probable cause hearing. The county shall be entitled to reimbursement for the cost of housing and transporting the person pursuant to rules adopted by the secretary.
(3) At the probable cause hearing, the person shall have the following rights in addition to the rights previously specified: (a) To be represented by counsel , and if the person is indigent as defined in RCW 10.101.010, to have office of public defense contracted counsel appointed as provided in RCW 10.101.020; (b) to present evidence on his or her behalf; (c) to cross-examine witnesses who testify against him or her; (d) to view and copy all petitions and reports in the court file. The court must permit a witness called by either party to testify by telephone. Because this is a special proceeding, discovery pursuant to the civil rules shall not occur until after the hearing has been held and the court has issued its decision.
(4) If the probable cause determination is made, the judge shall direct that the person be transferred to the custody of the department of social and health services for placement in a total confinement facility operated by the department. In no event shall the person be released from confinement prior to trial.


Effective date2012 c 257: See note following RCW 2.70.020.
ApplicationEffective date2009 c 409: See notes following RCW 71.09.020.
RecommendationsApplicationEffective date2001 c 286: See notes following RCW 71.09.015.
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