Chapter 70.97 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.97.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.97.020Advance directives.
HTMLPDF 70.97.030Admission criteria.
HTMLPDF 70.97.040Rights of residents.
HTMLPDF 70.97.050Right to refuse antipsychotic medication.
HTMLPDF 70.97.060CapacitySupervisionLicensingApplication of state and local rules.
HTMLPDF 70.97.070Comprehensive assessmentsIndividualized behavior support plan.
HTMLPDF 70.97.080Staffing levelsStaff credentials and trainingBackground checks.
HTMLPDF 70.97.090Facilities exempted.
HTMLPDF 70.97.100Licensing requirementsInformation available to public, residents, families.
HTMLPDF 70.97.110Enforcement authorityPenalties, sanctions.
HTMLPDF 70.97.120Enforcement ordersHearings.
HTMLPDF 70.97.130Unlicensed operationApplication of consumer protection act.
HTMLPDF 70.97.140Unlicensed operationCriminal penalty.
HTMLPDF 70.97.150Unlicensed operationInjunction or other remedies.
HTMLPDF 70.97.160Inspections.
HTMLPDF 70.97.170Persons eligible for admittance.
HTMLPDF 70.97.180Services of qualified professional.
HTMLPDF 70.97.190Notice of change of ownership or management.
HTMLPDF 70.97.195Communication systemTelephones and other equipment.
HTMLPDF 70.97.200RecordkeepingCompliance with state, federal regulationsHealth care information releases.
HTMLPDF 70.97.205Resident contact informationDepartment requirements and duties.
HTMLPDF 70.97.210Standards for fire protection.
HTMLPDF 70.97.220Exemption from liability.
HTMLPDF 70.97.230Rules for implementation of chapter.
HTMLPDF 70.97.235Stop placement orders and limited stop placement orders.
HTMLPDF 70.97.240Disaster preparedness plan.
HTMLPDF 70.97.800Request for proposal.