Chapter 70.90 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.90.101Legislative findings.
HTMLPDF 70.90.110Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.90.120Adoption of rules governing safety, sanitation, and water qualityExceptions.
HTMLPDF 70.90.125Regulation by local boards of health.
HTMLPDF 70.90.140Enforcement.
HTMLPDF 70.90.150Fees.
HTMLPDF 70.90.160Modification or construction of facilityPermit requiredSubmission of plans.
HTMLPDF 70.90.170Operating permitRenewal.
HTMLPDF 70.90.180State and local health jurisdictionsChapter not basis for liability.
HTMLPDF 70.90.190Reporting of injury, disease, or death.
HTMLPDF 70.90.200Civil penalties.
HTMLPDF 70.90.205Criminal penalties.
HTMLPDF 70.90.210Adjudicative proceedingNotice.
HTMLPDF 70.90.230Insurance required.
HTMLPDF 70.90.240Sale of spas, pools, and tubsOperating instructions and health caution required.
HTMLPDF 70.90.250Application of chapter.