Chapter 70.54 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.54.005Transfer of duties to the department of health.
HTMLPDF 70.54.010Polluting water supplyPenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.54.020Furnishing impure waterPenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.54.030Pollution of watershed of city in adjoining statePenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.54.040Secretary to advise local authorities on sanitation.
HTMLPDF 70.54.050Exposing contagious diseasePenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.54.060Ambulances and drivers.
HTMLPDF 70.54.065Ambulances and driversPenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.54.070Door of public buildings to swing outwardPenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.54.080Liability of person handling steamboat or steam boiler.
HTMLPDF 70.54.090Attachment of objects to utility polesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.54.120Immunity from implied warranties and civil liability relating to blood, blood products, tissues, organs, or bonesScopeEffective date.
HTMLPDF 70.54.130LaetrileLegislative declaration.
HTMLPDF 70.54.140LaetrileInterference with physician/patient relationship by health facilityPharmacy quality assurance commission, duties.
HTMLPDF 70.54.150Physicians not subject to disciplinary action for prescribing or administering laetrileConditions.
HTMLPDF 70.54.160Public restroomsPay facilitiesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.54.180Deaf persons access to emergency servicesTelecommunication devices.
HTMLPDF 70.54.190DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)UseLiability.
HTMLPDF 70.54.200Fees for repository of vaccines, biologics.
HTMLPDF 70.54.220Practitioners to provide information on prenatal testing and cord blood banking.
HTMLPDF 70.54.222Cord blood banksRegulationApplication of consumer protection actDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 70.54.230Cancer registry program.
HTMLPDF 70.54.240Cancer registry programReporting requirements.
HTMLPDF 70.54.250Cancer registry programConfidentiality.
HTMLPDF 70.54.260Liability.
HTMLPDF 70.54.270Rule making.
HTMLPDF 70.54.280Bone marrow donor recruitment and education programGenerallyTarget minority populationsReport.
HTMLPDF 70.54.290Bone marrow donor recruitment and education programState employees to be recruited.
HTMLPDF 70.54.300Bone marrow donor recruitment and education programPrivate sector and community involvement.
HTMLPDF 70.54.305Bone marrow donationStatus as minor not a disqualifying factor.
HTMLPDF 70.54.310Semiautomatic external defibrillatorDuty of acquirerImmunity from civil liability.
HTMLPDF 70.54.315Semiautomatic external defibrillatorsFitness centers.
HTMLPDF 70.54.320Electrology and tattooingFindings.
HTMLPDF 70.54.330Electrology and tattooingDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 70.54.340Electrology, body art, body piercing, and tattooingRules, sterilization requirements.
HTMLPDF 70.54.350Electrology and tattooingPractitioners to comply with rulesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.54.355Scleral tattooing prohibitedPenaltiesEnforcement.
HTMLPDF 70.54.370Meningococcal diseaseStudents to receive informational materials.
HTMLPDF 70.54.400Retail restroom accessCustomers with medical conditionsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.54.410Unintended pregnanciesSexual health education funding.
HTMLPDF 70.54.420Accountable care organization pilot projectsReport to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 70.54.430First respondersEmergency response serviceContact information.
HTMLPDF 70.54.440Epinephrine autoinjectorsPrescribing to certain entitiesTrainingLiabilityIncident reporting.
HTMLPDF 70.54.450Maternal mortality review panelDutiesConfidentiality, testimonial privilege, and liabilityIdentification of maternal deathsReportsData-sharing agreements.
HTMLPDF 70.54.460Breast health informationMammography reportNotice.
HTMLPDF 70.54.470Medical debtLimits on sale or assignment.
HTMLPDF 70.54.480Drayage truck operatorsAccess to restroom facilities.
HTMLPDF 70.54.490Posting of health and safety informationFormat and accessibility.
HTMLPDF 70.54.500Motor carriersAccess to restroom facilities.


Control of cities and towns over water pollution: Chapter 35.88 RCW.
Council for children and families: Chapter 43.121 RCW.
Nuisances, generally: Chapters 7.48 and 9.66 RCW.
Water pollution control: Chapter 90.48 RCW.