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The treasurer of the county in which a public hospital district is located shall be treasurer of the district, except that the commission by resolution may designate some other person having experience in financial or fiscal matters as treasurer of the district. If the treasurer is not the county treasurer, the commission shall require a bond, with a surety company authorized to do business in the state of Washington, in an amount and under the terms and conditions which the commission by resolution from time to time finds will protect the district against loss. The premium on any such bond shall be paid by the district.
All district funds shall be paid to the treasurer and shall be disbursed by him or her only on warrants issued by an auditor appointed by the commission, upon orders or vouchers approved by it. The treasurer shall establish a public hospital district fund, into which shall be paid all district funds, and he or she shall maintain such special funds as may be created by the commission, into which he or she shall place all money as the commission may, by resolution, direct.
If the treasurer of the district is the treasurer of the county all district funds shall be deposited with the county depositaries under the same restrictions, contracts, and security as provided for county depositaries. If the treasurer of the district is some other person, all funds shall be deposited in such bank or banks authorized to do business in this state as the commission by resolution shall designate, and with surety bond to the district or securities in lieu thereof of the kind, no less in amount, as provided in *RCW 36.48.020 for deposit of county funds. Such surety bond or securities in lieu thereof shall be filed or deposited with the treasurer of the district, and approved by resolution of the commission.
All interest collected on district funds shall belong to the district and be deposited to its credit in the proper district funds.
A district may provide and require a reasonable bond of any other person handling moneys or securities of the district. The district may pay the premium on such bond.


*Reviser's note: RCW 36.48.020 was repealed by 1984 c 177 § 21.
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