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Intentional violation of chapterRemoving, defacing, or destroying required signFineNotice of infractionExceptionsViolations of RCW 70.160.050FineEnforcement.

(1) Any person intentionally violating this chapter by smoking in a public place or place of employment, or any person removing, defacing, or destroying a sign required by this chapter, is subject to a civil fine of up to one hundred dollars. Any person passing by or through a public place while on a public sidewalk or public right-of-way has not intentionally violated this chapter. Local law enforcement agencies shall enforce this section by issuing a notice of infraction to be assessed in the same manner as traffic infractions. The provisions contained in chapter 46.63 RCW for the disposition of traffic infractions apply to the disposition of infractions for violation of this subsection except as follows:
(a) The provisions in chapter 46.63 RCW relating to the provision of records to the department of licensing in accordance with RCW 46.20.270 are not applicable to this chapter; and
(b) The provisions in chapter 46.63 RCW relating to the imposition of sanctions against a person's driver's license or vehicle license are not applicable to this chapter.
The form for the notice of infraction for a violation of this subsection shall be prescribed by rule of the supreme court.
(2) When violations of RCW 70.160.050 occur, a warning shall first be given to the owner or other person in charge. Any subsequent violation is subject to a civil fine of up to one hundred dollars. Each day upon which a violation occurs or is permitted to continue constitutes a separate violation.
(3) Local health departments shall enforce RCW 70.160.050 regarding the duties of owners or persons in control of public places and places of employment by either of the following actions:
(a) Serving notice requiring the correction of any violation; or
(b) Calling upon the city or town attorney or county prosecutor or local health department attorney to maintain an action for an injunction to enforce RCW 70.160.050, to correct a violation, and to assess and recover a civil penalty for the violation.
[ 2006 c 2 § 5 (Initiative Measure No. 901, approved November 8, 2005); 1985 c 236 § 7.]


Captions not law2006 c 2 (Initiative Measure No. 901): See note following RCW 70.160.011.
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