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(1) The department of health, in consultation and cooperation with local environmental health officers, shall develop a one-day course to train local environmental health officers, health officers, and environmental health specialists and technicians to address the application of the waiver authority granted under RCW 70.05.072 as well as other existing statutory or regulatory flexibility for siting on-site sewage systems.
(2) The training course shall include the following topics:
(a) The statutory authority to grant waivers from the state on-site sewage system rules;
(b) The regulatory framework for the application of on-site sewage treatment and disposal technologies, with an emphasis on the differences between rules, standards, and guidance. The course shall include instruction on interpreting the intent of a rule rather than the strict reading of the language of a rule, and also discuss the liability assumed by a unit of local government when local rules, policies, or practices deviate from the state administrative code;
(c) The application of site evaluation and assessment methods to match the particular site and development plans with the on-site sewage treatment and disposal technology suitable to protect public health to at least the level provided by state rule; and
(d) Instruction in the concept and application of mitigation waivers.
(3) The training course shall be made available to all local health departments and districts in various locations in the state without fee. Updated guidance documents and materials shall be provided to all participants, including examples of the types of waivers and processes that other jurisdictions in the region have granted and used. The first training conducted under this section shall take place by June 30, 1999.


Intent1998 c 34: "(1) The 1997 legislature directed the department of health to convene a work group for the purpose of making recommendations to the legislature for the development of a certification program for occupations related to on-site septic systems, including those who pump, install, design, perform maintenance, inspect, or regulate on-site septic systems. The work group was convened and studied issues relating to certification of people employed in these occupations, bonding levels, and other standards related to these occupations. In addition, the work group examined the application of a risk analysis pertaining to the installation and maintenance of different types of septic systems in different parts of the state. A written report containing the work group's findings and recommendations was submitted to the legislature as directed.
(2) The legislature recognizes that the recommendations of the work group must be phased-in over a time period in order to develop the necessary scope of work requirements, knowledge requirements, public protection requirements, and other criteria for the upgrading of these occupations. It is the intent of the legislature to start implementing the work group's recommendations by focusing first on the occupations that are considered to be the highest priority, and to address the other occupational recommendations in subsequent sessions." [ 1998 c 34 § 1.]
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