Chapter 7.48 RCW



HTMLPDF 7.48.010Actionable nuisance defined.
HTMLPDF 7.48.020Who may sueJudgment for damagesWarrant for abatementInjunction.
HTMLPDF 7.48.030Issuance and execution of warrant.
HTMLPDF 7.48.040Stay of issuance of warrant.
HTMLPDF 7.48.050Moral nuisancesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 7.48.052Moral nuisances.
HTMLPDF 7.48.054Moral nuisancePersonal propertyEffects of notice.
HTMLPDF 7.48.056Abate moral nuisanceEnjoin owner.
HTMLPDF 7.48.058Maintaining action to abate moral nuisanceBond.
HTMLPDF 7.48.060Moral nuisanceJurisdictionFiling a complaint.
HTMLPDF 7.48.062Moral nuisanceRestraining orderViolations.
HTMLPDF 7.48.064Moral nuisanceHearingNoticeConsolidation with trial.
HTMLPDF 7.48.066Finding of moral nuisanceOrders.
HTMLPDF 7.48.068Abatement of moral nuisance by ownerEffect on injunction.
HTMLPDF 7.48.070Moral nuisancePriority of action on calendar.
HTMLPDF 7.48.072Moral nuisanceEffects of admission or finding of guilt.
HTMLPDF 7.48.074Moral nuisanceEvidence of reputationAdmissibility.
HTMLPDF 7.48.076Moral nuisanceTrialCostsDismissalJudgment.
HTMLPDF 7.48.078Moral nuisanceJudgmentPenaltiesDisposal of personal property.
HTMLPDF 7.48.080Moral nuisanceViolation of injunctionContempt of court.
HTMLPDF 7.48.085Moral nuisanceProperty owner may repossess.
HTMLPDF 7.48.090Moral nuisanceContrabandForfeitures.
HTMLPDF 7.48.100Moral nuisanceImmunity of certain motion picture theater employees.
HTMLPDF 7.48.110Houses of lewdness, assignation or prostitution may be abatedVoluntary abatement.
HTMLPDF 7.48.120Nuisance defined.
HTMLPDF 7.48.130Public nuisance defined.
HTMLPDF 7.48.140Public nuisances enumerated.
HTMLPDF 7.48.150Private nuisance defined.
HTMLPDF 7.48.155Unlawful use of firearm or deadly weaponArrest required.
HTMLPDF 7.48.160Authorized act not a nuisance.
HTMLPDF 7.48.170Successive owners liable.
HTMLPDF 7.48.180Abatement does not preclude action for damages.
HTMLPDF 7.48.190Nuisance does not become legal by prescription.
HTMLPDF 7.48.200Remedies.
HTMLPDF 7.48.210Civil action, who may maintain.
HTMLPDF 7.48.220Abatement, by whom.
HTMLPDF 7.48.230Public nuisanceAbatement.
HTMLPDF 7.48.240Certain places of resort declared nuisances.
HTMLPDF 7.48.250PenaltyAbatement.
HTMLPDF 7.48.260Warrant of abatement.
HTMLPDF 7.48.270Stay of warrant.
HTMLPDF 7.48.280Costs of abatement.
HTMLPDF 7.48.300Agricultural activities and forest practicesLegislative finding and purpose.
HTMLPDF 7.48.305Agricultural activities and forest practicesPresumed reasonable and not a nuisanceExceptionDamages.
HTMLPDF 7.48.310Agricultural activities and forest practicesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 7.48.315Agricultural activities and forest practicesRecovering lawsuit costsFarmers.
HTMLPDF 7.48.320Agricultural activities and forest practicesRecovering costs to investigate complaintsState and local agencies.
HTMLPDF 7.48.905Severability1979 c 122.


criminal: Chapter 9.66 RCW.
drug, injunctions: Chapter 7.43 RCW.
jurisdiction of superior court: State Constitution Art. 4 § 6 (Amendment 28).