Chapter 68.50 RCW



68.50.010Coroner's jurisdiction over remains.
68.50.015Immunity for determining cause and manner of deathJudicial review of determination.
68.50.020Notice to coroner or medical examinerPenalty.
68.50.032Transportation of remains directed by coroner or medical examinerCosts.
68.50.035Unlawful to refuse burial to non-Caucasian.
68.50.040Deceased's effects to be listed.
68.50.050Removal or concealment of bodyPenalty.
68.50.060Bodies for instruction purposes.
68.50.070Human remainsDisposition.
68.50.080Certificate and bond before receiving bodies.
68.50.100Dissection, when permittedAutopsy of person under the age of three years.
68.50.101Autopsy, postmortemWho may authorize.
68.50.102Court petition for autopsyCost.
68.50.103Autopsies in industrial deaths.
68.50.104Cost of autopsy.
68.50.105Autopsies, postmortemsReports and records confidentialExceptions.
68.50.106Autopsies, postmortemsAnalysesOpinionsEvidenceCosts.
68.50.107State toxicological laboratory establishedState toxicologist.
68.50.108Autopsies, postmortemsConsent to embalm, cremate body, or make final dispositionTime limitation.
68.50.110Burial, cremation, alkaline hydrolysis, or natural organic reduction.
68.50.115Coroner and medical examiner liabilityRelease of information.
68.50.120Holding body for debtPenalty.
68.50.130Unlawful disposal of remains.
68.50.140Unlawful disturbance, removal, or sale of human remainsPenalty.
68.50.160Right to control disposition of remainsLiability of funeral establishment or cemetery authorityLiability for cost.
68.50.170Effect of authorization.
68.50.185Individual final dispositionExceptionPenalty.
68.50.200Permission to remove human remains.
68.50.210Notice for order to remove remains.
68.50.230Human remains that have not been disposedRules.
68.50.232RemainsEntrusting to funeral homes or mortuaries.
68.50.240Record of human remains to be kept.
68.50.270Possession of human remains.
68.50.290Corneal tissue for transplantationPresumption of good faith.
68.50.300Release of information concerning a death.
68.50.310Dental identification system establishedPowers and duties.
68.50.320Procedures for investigating missing personsAvailability of files.
68.50.330Identification of body or human remains by dental examinationComparison of dental examination records with dental records of dental identification system.
68.50.645Skeletal human remainsDuty to notifyGround disturbing activitiesCoroner determinationDefinitions.
68.50.900Effective date1987 c 331.
68.50.901Application1993 c 228.
68.50.902ApplicationConstruction1993 c 228.
68.50.903Severability1993 c 228.
68.50.904Short title1993 c 228.


Burialtransit and disinterment permitsFinal disposition of human remains: RCW 70.58A.210.
Coroners to submit blood samples to state toxicologistAnalysisUtilization of reports: RCW 46.52.065.
County commissioners to dispose of remains of indigents: RCW 36.39.030.
Fetal deaths: Chapter 70.58A RCW.
Reports of deathFiling and registration requirements: RCW 70.58A.200.
Veterans and relatives: Chapter 73.24 RCW.