Chapter 68.20 RCW



HTMLPDF 68.20.010Incorporation required.
HTMLPDF 68.20.020Corporations, how organized.
HTMLPDF 68.20.030Powers of existing corporations enlarged.
HTMLPDF 68.20.040Prior corporations not affected.
HTMLPDF 68.20.050General powers of cemetery corporations.
HTMLPDF 68.20.060Specific powersRule making and enforcement.
HTMLPDF 68.20.061Specific powersControl of property.
HTMLPDF 68.20.062Specific powersRegulation as to type of markers, monuments, etc.
HTMLPDF 68.20.063Specific powersRegulation or prohibition as to the erection of monuments, effigies, etc.
HTMLPDF 68.20.064Specific powersRegulation of plants and shrubs.
HTMLPDF 68.20.065Specific powersPrevention of interment.
HTMLPDF 68.20.066Specific powersPrevention of improper assemblages.
HTMLPDF 68.20.067Specific powersRules and regulations for general purposes.
HTMLPDF 68.20.070Rules and regulationsPosting.
HTMLPDF 68.20.080Cities and counties may regulate cemeteries.
HTMLPDF 68.20.110Nonprofit cemetery associationTax exempt land.
HTMLPDF 68.20.120Sold lots exempt from taxes, etc.Nonprofit associations.
HTMLPDF 68.20.140Certain cemeteries exempt from chapter.