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Petition for electionContentsProcedureSignatures, filing, form, copies, fees, etc.Public inspection.

Any unit referred to in RCW 66.40.010 may hold such election upon the question of whether the sale of liquor shall be permitted within the boundaries of such unit, upon the filing with the county auditor of the county within which such unit is located, of a petition subscribed by qualified electors of the unit equal in number to at least thirty percent of the electors voting at the last general election within such unit. Such petition shall designate the unit in which the election is desired to be had, the date upon which the election is desired to be held, and the question that is desired to be submitted. The persons signing such a petition shall state their post office address, the name or number of the precinct in which they reside, and in case the subscriber be a resident of a city, the street and house number, if any, of his or her residence, and the date of signature. Said petition shall be filed not less than sixty days nor more than ninety days prior to the date upon which the election is to be held. No signature shall be valid unless the above requirements are complied with, and unless the date of signing the same is less than ninety days preceding the date of filing. No signature shall be withdrawn after the filing of such petition. Such petition may consist of one or more sheets and shall be fastened together as one document, filed as a whole, and when filed shall not be withdrawn or added to. Such petition shall be a public document and shall be subject to the inspection of the public. Upon the request of anyone filing such a petition and paying, or tendering to the county auditor one dollar for each hundred names, or fraction thereof, signed thereto, together with a copy thereof, said county auditor shall immediately compare the original and copy and attach to such copy and deliver to such person his or her official certificate that such copy is a true copy of the original, stating the date when such original was filed in his or her office; and said officer shall furnish, upon the demand of any person, a copy of said petition, upon payment of the same fee required for the filing of original petitions.
[ 2012 c 117 § 285; 1933 ex.s. c 62 § 84; RRS § 7306-84. Formerly RCW 66.40.040 through 66.40.090.]
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