Chapter 66.28 RCW



HTMLPDF 66.28.030Responsibility of breweries, microbreweries, wineries, certificate of approval holders, and importers for conduct of distributorsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 66.28.035Spirits certificate of approval holdersReportingSpirits shipments.
HTMLPDF 66.28.040Giving away of liquor prohibitedExceptions.
HTMLPDF 66.28.042Providing food and beverages for business meetings permitted.
HTMLPDF 66.28.043Providing food, beverages, transportation, and admission to events permitted.
HTMLPDF 66.28.050Solicitation of orders prohibited.
HTMLPDF 66.28.060Distillers to make monthly report.
HTMLPDF 66.28.070Restrictions on purchases of spirits, beer, or wine by retail spirits, beer, or wine licensees or special occasion licensees.
HTMLPDF 66.28.090Licensed premises or banquet permit premises open to inspectionFailure to allow, violation.
HTMLPDF 66.28.100Spirits to be labeledContents.
HTMLPDF 66.28.110Wine to be labeledContents.
HTMLPDF 66.28.120Malt liquor to be labeledContents.
HTMLPDF 66.28.130Selling, supplying, or serving of liquor to or consumption by standing or walking person.
HTMLPDF 66.28.140Removing family beer or wine from home for use at wine tastings or competitionsConditions.
HTMLPDF 66.28.150Breweries, microbreweries, wineries, distilleries, distributors, certificate of approval holders, and agents authorized to conduct courses of instruction on beer and wine.
HTMLPDF 66.28.155Breweries, microbreweries, wineries, distilleries, distributors, certificate of approval holders, and agents authorized to conduct educational activities on licensed premises of retailer.
HTMLPDF 66.28.160Promotion of liquor at colleges and universities.
HTMLPDF 66.28.170Wine or malt beverage manufacturersDiscrimination in price to purchaser for resale prohibitedPrice differentials.
HTMLPDF 66.28.180Price listContentsContracts and memoranda with distributors.
HTMLPDF 66.28.185Sales of wine and spirits to the employees of licensed wine and spirits distributors.
HTMLPDF 66.28.190Sales of nonliquor food and food ingredients.
HTMLPDF 66.28.200Keg registrationSpecial endorsement for grocery store licenseeRequirements of seller.
HTMLPDF 66.28.210Keg registrationRequirements of purchaser.
HTMLPDF 66.28.220Keg registrationIdentification of containersRulesFeesSale in violation of rules unlawful.
HTMLPDF 66.28.230Keg registrationFurnishing to minorsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 66.28.240Keg registrationState preemption.
HTMLPDF 66.28.260Beer distributorsRestricted transactions.
HTMLPDF 66.28.270Cash paymentsElectronic funds transfers.
HTMLPDF 66.28.280Finding.
HTMLPDF 66.28.285Three-tier systemDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 66.28.290Three-tier systemDirect or indirect interests between industry members, affiliates, and retailers.
HTMLPDF 66.28.295Three-tier systemDirect or indirect interestsAllowed activities.
HTMLPDF 66.28.300Three-tier systemUndue influenceDetermination by board.
HTMLPDF 66.28.305Three-tier systemMoney advancesProhibition.
HTMLPDF 66.28.310Three-tier systemPromotional items.
HTMLPDF 66.28.315Three-tier systemRecordkeeping.
HTMLPDF 66.28.320Three-tier systemRule adoption.
HTMLPDF 66.28.330Spirits salesForeign wineDistilled spirits.
HTMLPDF 66.28.340Retailer of wine or spiritsWine or spirits delivery, warehouse, and distribution.
HTMLPDF 66.28.350Theft preventionRegulating spirits retailers.
HTMLPDF 66.28.360Cider salesContainer brought by purchaser.
HTMLPDF 66.28.370Failure to submit required reports or payment for license issuancePenalty.
HTMLPDF 66.28.380Products combining alcohol and cannabis prohibited.


Grower licensee deemed a manufacturer: RCW 66.24.520.
Labels, unlawful refilling, etc., of trademarked containers: Chapter 19.76 RCW.
Minors, access to tobacco, role of liquor and cannabis board: Chapter 70.155 RCW.