Chapter 65.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 65.08.030Recorded irregular instrument imparts notice.
HTMLPDF 65.08.050Recording land office receipts.
HTMLPDF 65.08.060Terms defined.
HTMLPDF 65.08.070Real property conveyances to be recorded.
HTMLPDF 65.08.090Letters patent.
HTMLPDF 65.08.095Conveyances of fee title by public bodies.
HTMLPDF 65.08.100Certified copies.
HTMLPDF 65.08.110Certified copiesEffect.
HTMLPDF 65.08.120Assignment of mortgageNotice.
HTMLPDF 65.08.130Revocation of power of attorney.
HTMLPDF 65.08.140No liability for error in recording when properly indexed.
HTMLPDF 65.08.150Duty to record.
HTMLPDF 65.08.160Recording master form instruments and mortgages or deeds of trust incorporating master form provisions.
HTMLPDF 65.08.170Notice of additional water or sewer facility tap or connection chargesRequiredContents.
HTMLPDF 65.08.180Notice of additional water or sewer facility tap or connection chargesDurationCertificate of payment and release.


Corporate seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.
Powers of appointment: Chapter 11.95A RCW.