Chapter 64.32 RCW



64.32.020Application of chapter.
64.32.030Apartments and common areas declared real property.
64.32.040Ownership and possession of apartments and common areas.
64.32.050Common areas and facilities.
64.32.060Compliance with covenants, bylaws, and administrative rules and regulations.
64.32.070Liens or encumbrancesEnforcementSatisfaction.
64.32.080Common profits and expenses.
64.32.090Contents of declaration.
64.32.100Copy of survey map, building plans to be filedContents of plans.
64.32.110Ordinances, resolutions, or zoning lawsConstruction.
64.32.120Contents of deeds or other conveyances of apartments.
64.32.130Mortgages, liens or encumbrances affecting an apartment at time of first conveyance.
64.32.150Removal of property from provisions of chapter.
64.32.160Removal of property from provisions of chapterNo bar to subsequent resubmission.
64.32.170Records and booksAvailability for examinationAudits.
64.32.180Exemption from liability for contribution for common expenses prohibited.
64.32.190Separate assessments and taxation.
64.32.200Assessments for common expensesEnforcement of collectionLiens and foreclosuresLiability of mortgagee or purchaserNotice of delinquency.
64.32.210ConveyanceLiability of grantor and grantee for unpaid common expenses.
64.32.230Destruction or damage to all or part of propertyDisposition.
64.32.250Application of chapter, declaration and bylaws.
64.32.260Applicability to common interest communities.
64.32.280VotingIn person, absentee ballots, proxies.
64.32.900Short title.
64.32.910Construction of term "this chapter."
64.32.920Severability1963 c 156.


Condominiums created after July 1, 1990: Chapter 64.34 RCW.
Conversion of apartments into condominiums, notice required: RCW 59.18.200.
Mutual savings banks, powers as to condominiums: RCW 32.04.025.
RCW 64.34.380 through 64.34.390 concerning reserve accounts and reserve studies applicable to residential condominiums governed by chapter 64.32 RCW: RCW 64.34.380(4).