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Seller of real property responsible for satisfying lienClosing agent's duties and liabilitiesFee.

(1) Unless otherwise stated and acknowledged in writing by the purchaser, the seller of a fee interest in real property is responsible for satisfying, upon closing, any lien provided for by RCW 35.21.290, 35.67.200, 36.36.045, * 36.89.090, or 36.94.150.
(2) No closing agent may refuse a written request by the seller or purchaser of a fee interest in real property to administer the disbursement of closing funds necessary to satisfy unpaid charges as charges are defined in RCW 60.80.005. Except as otherwise provided in this subsection (2), a closing agent who refuses such a written request is liable to the purchaser for unpaid charges for utility services covered by the request. A closing agent is not liable if the closing agent's refusal is based on the seller's inaccurate or incomplete identification of utilities providing service to the property, or if a utility fails to provide an estimated or actual final billing, or written extension of the per diem rate, as required by RCW 60.80.020, or if disbursement of closing funds necessary to satisfy the unpaid charges would violate RCW 18.44.400.
(3) A closing agent may charge a fee for performing the services required of the closing agent by this chapter, which fee may be in addition to other fees or settlement charges collected in the course of ordinary settlement practices.


*Reviser's note: RCW 36.89.090 was recodified as RCW 36.89.065, September 2007.
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