Chapter 6.32 RCW



HTMLPDF 6.32.010Order for examination of judgment debtorPlaintiff entitled to costsAdditional fees if debtor fails to answer or appearWhen warrants permitted.
HTMLPDF 6.32.015Order to require judgment debtor to answer interrogatories.
HTMLPDF 6.32.020Warrant, how vacated.
HTMLPDF 6.32.030Third parties may be brought in for examination.
HTMLPDF 6.32.040Before whom examined.
HTMLPDF 6.32.050Procedure on examination.
HTMLPDF 6.32.060Referee's oath.
HTMLPDF 6.32.070Order authorizing payment by debtor of judgment debtor.
HTMLPDF 6.32.080Order requiring delivery of money or property to sheriff.
HTMLPDF 6.32.085Order charging partnership interest or directing sale.
HTMLPDF 6.32.090Powers of sheriff.
HTMLPDF 6.32.100How money or property applied by sheriff.
HTMLPDF 6.32.110Disposition of balance after judgment satisfied.
HTMLPDF 6.32.120Transfer of property may be enjoined.
HTMLPDF 6.32.130Service of orders.
HTMLPDF 6.32.140Service of warrant.
HTMLPDF 6.32.150Discontinuance or dismissal of proceedings.
HTMLPDF 6.32.160Costs to judgment creditor.
HTMLPDF 6.32.170Costs to judgment debtor, when.
HTMLPDF 6.32.180Disobedience of order punishable as contempt.
HTMLPDF 6.32.190Attendance of judgment debtor.
HTMLPDF 6.32.200Party or witness not excused from answering.
HTMLPDF 6.32.210Proceedings in case of joint debtors.
HTMLPDF 6.32.220Continuances.
HTMLPDF 6.32.240Proceedings, before whom instituted.
HTMLPDF 6.32.250Property exempt from seizure.
HTMLPDF 6.32.260Proceedings to be heard without jury.
HTMLPDF 6.32.270Adjudication of title to propertyJury trial.
HTMLPDF 6.32.280Fee of referee.


Rules of court: Cf. CR 69(b).