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Effect of service of writ.

(1) From and after the service of a writ of garnishment, it shall not be lawful, except as provided in this chapter or as directed by the court, for the garnishee to pay any debt owing to the defendant at the time of such service, or to deliver, sell or transfer, or recognize any sale or transfer of, any personal property or effects belonging to the defendant in the garnishee's possession or under the garnishee's control at the time of such service; and any such payment, delivery, sale or transfer shall be void and of no effect as to so much of said debt, personal property or effects as may be necessary to satisfy the plaintiff's demand.
(2) This section shall have no effect as to any portion of a debt that is exempt from garnishment.
(3) The garnishee shall incur no liability for releasing funds or property in excess of the amount stated in the writ of garnishment if the garnishee continues to hold an amount equal to the amount stated in the writ of garnishment.
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