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Writs to different countiesSuccessive writs.

If issuance of a writ of attachment has been ordered by the court in a case, other writs of attachment may be issued in the same case from the court to different counties, and several may, at the option of the plaintiff, be issued at the same time, or in succession and subsequently, until sufficient property has been attached; but only those executed shall be taxed in the costs, unless otherwise ordered by the court, and if more property is attached in the aggregate than the plaintiff is entitled to have held, the surplus must be abandoned and the plaintiff pay all costs incurred in relation to such surplus. After the first writ has issued, it shall not be necessary for the plaintiff to file any further affidavit or bond unless the court otherwise directs, but the plaintiff shall be entitled to as many writs as may be necessary to secure the amount claimed.
[ 1988 c 231 s 17; 1987 c 442 s 812; 1886 p 41 s 10; RRS s 656. Prior: Code 1881 ss 174-192; 1877 pp 35-40; 1873 pp 43-50; 1871 pp 9, 10; 1869 pp 41-47; 1863 pp 112-120; 1860 pp 30-36; 1854 pp 155-162. Formerly RCW 7.12.100.]


Severability1988 c 231: See note following RCW 6.01.050.
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