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Possession during period of redemption.

(1) Except as provided in this section and RCW 6.23.090, the purchaser from the day of sale until a resale or redemption, and the redemptioner from the day of redemption until another redemption, shall be entitled to the possession of the property purchased or redeemed, unless the same be in the possession of a tenant holding under an unexpired lease, and in such case shall be entitled to receive from such tenant the rents or the value of the use and occupation thereof during the period of redemption.
(2) If a mortgage contains a stipulation that in case of foreclosure the mortgagor may remain in possession of the mortgaged premises after sale and until the period of redemption has expired, the court shall make its decree to that effect and the mortgagor shall have such right.
(3) As to any land so sold which is at the time of the sale used for farming purposes, or which is a part of a farm used, at the time of sale, for farming purposes, the judgment debtor shall be entitled to retain possession thereof during the period of redemption and the purchaser or his or her successor in interest shall, if the judgment debtor does not redeem, have a lien upon the crops raised or harvested thereon during said period of redemption, for interest on the purchase price at the rate of six percent per annum during said period of redemption and for taxes becoming delinquent during the period of redemption together with interest thereon.
(4) In case of any homestead as defined in chapter 6.13 RCW and occupied for that purpose at the time of sale, the judgment debtor shall have the right to retain possession thereof during the period of redemption without accounting for issues or for value of occupation.


Severability1981 c 329: See note following RCW 6.21.020.
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