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Time for redemption from purchaserAmount to be paid.

(1) Unless redemption rights have been precluded pursuant to RCW 61.12.093 et seq., the judgment debtor or any redemptioner may redeem the property from the purchaser at any time (a) within eight months after the date of the sale if the sale is pursuant to judgment and decree of foreclosure of any mortgage executed after June 30, 1961, which mortgage declares in its terms that the mortgaged property is not used principally for agricultural or farming purposes, and in which complaint the judgment creditor has expressly waived any right to a deficiency judgment, or (b) otherwise within one year after the date of the sale.
(2) The person who redeems from the purchaser must pay: (a) The amount of the bid, with interest thereon at the rate provided in the judgment to the time of redemption, together with (b) the amount of any assessment or taxes which the purchaser has paid thereon after purchase, and like interest on such amount from time of payment to time of redemption, together with (c) any sum paid by the purchaser on a prior lien or obligation secured by an interest in the property to the extent the payment was necessary for the protection of the interest of the judgment debtor or a redemptioner, and like interest upon every payment made from the date of payment to the time of redemption, and (d) if the redemption is by a redemptioner and if the purchaser is also a creditor having a lien, by judgment, decree, deed of trust, or mortgage, prior to that of the redemptioner, other than the judgment under which such purchase was made, the redemptioner shall also pay the amount of such lien with like interest: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That a purchaser who makes any payment as mentioned in (c) of this subsection shall submit to the sheriff the affidavit required by RCW 6.23.080, and any purchaser who pays any taxes or assessments or has or acquires any such lien as mentioned in (d) of this subsection must file the statement required in RCW 6.23.050 and provide evidence of the lien as required by RCW 6.23.080.


Application1984 c 276: See note following RCW 6.21.020.
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