Chapter 59.28 RCW



HTMLPDF 59.28.010Legislative findingsPurpose.
HTMLPDF 59.28.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 59.28.030ContractsExpiration or terminationNoticeApplicability.
HTMLPDF 59.28.040Notice of expiration or prepaymentOwner's duty.
HTMLPDF 59.28.050Owner's rightsPublic regulatory powersApplicability.
HTMLPDF 59.28.060Notice of expiration or prepaymentContentsLocationRequests for information.
HTMLPDF 59.28.070Removal of tenantsNotice of expiration or prepaymentTiming.
HTMLPDF 59.28.080Rent increaseNotice of expiration or prepaymentTiming.
HTMLPDF 59.28.090Modification of rental agreementNotice of expiration or prepaymentTiming.
HTMLPDF 59.28.100ViolationsCivil actionsParties.
HTMLPDF 59.28.120Department of community, trade, and economic developmentDevelop and provide information and technical assistance.
HTMLPDF 59.28.130Eviction of tenantRestriction.
HTMLPDF 59.28.902Effective date2000 c 255.