Title 58 RCW

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58.10Defective plats legalized.
58.18Assessor's plats.
58.19Land development act.
58.20Washington plane coordinate system.
58.22State base mapping system.
58.24State agency for surveys and mapsFees.
58.28Townsites on United States landAcquisition of land.


Auditor, duties
index of instruments, how made and kept: RCW 65.04.050.
instruments to be recorded or filed: RCW 65.04.030.
Auditor's fees (recording plats): RCW 36.18.010.
Boundaries: See notes following chapter 58.04 RCW digest.
Cemetery propertyPlats: Chapter 68.24 RCW.
Cities and towns
petition required on incorporation: Chapter 35.02 RCW.
annual report to secretary of transportation: RCW 35.21.260.
vacation: Chapter 35.79 RCW.
abandoned state highways (description): RCW 36.75.090.
county commissionersRecord of surveys: RCW 36.32.380.
roads and bridgesEstablishment: Chapter 36.81 RCW.
vacation: Chapter 36.87 RCW.
Diking districtsPlat of reclaimed landBenefits to be determined and paid: RCW 85.05.540.
Diking, drainage, and sewerage improvement districts, platting: Chapter 85.08 RCW.
Highway plat record: RCW 36.80.050.
Levy for continuous benefits, diking districtsRoll of property protected: RCW 85.18.020.
Private ditches and drainsReport of viewersPlat: RCW 85.28.050.
Property taxListingPlat of irregular subdivided tracts: RCW 84.40.170.
Public lands
right-of-way for roads and streets (plat to be filed): RCW 79.36.440.
sales, leasesMaximum area of urban or suburban state landPlatting: RCW 79.11.250.
vacation of plat by commissioner: RCW 79.11.260.
vacation of waterwaysExtension of streets: RCW 79.120.060.
vacation on petitionPreference right to purchase: RCW 79.11.270.
Real property and conveyances: Title 64 RCW.
Reclamation and irrigation in United States reclamation areasFarm units authorizedSizePlatsExcess land: RCW 89.12.040.
Reclamation districts of one million acresGeneral improvement and divisional districtsSurvey: Chapter 89.30 RCW.
Second-class tidelands or shorelands separated from uplands: RCW 79.125.230.
Shellfish cultivation or other aquaculture useSurvey markers: RCW 79.135.140.
Tidelands and shorelands, platting, replatting: Chapter 79.125 RCW.
Tidelands, ownership by state: State Constitution Art. 17.