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ElectionQualification of voters.

(1) The annexation election shall be held on the date designated in the notice and shall be conducted in accordance with the general election laws of the state. If the original petition for annexation is signed by qualified voters, then only qualified voters at the date of election residing in the territory proposed to be annexed, shall be permitted to vote at the election.
(2) If the original petition for annexation is signed by property owners as provided for in this chapter, then no person shall be entitled to vote at that election unless at the time of the filing of the original petition he or she owned land in the district of record and in addition thereto at the date of election shall be a qualified voter of the county in which such district is located. It shall be the duty of the county auditor, upon request of the county legislative authority, to certify the names of all persons owning land in the district at the date of the filing of the original petition as shown by the records of the auditor's office; and at any such election the county auditor may require any such property owner offering to vote to take an oath that the property owner is a qualified voter of the county before the property owner shall be allowed to vote. However, at any election held under the provisions of this chapter an officer or agent of any corporation having its principal place of business in the county and owning land at the date of filing the original petition in the district duly authorized in writing may cast a vote on behalf of such corporation. When so voting the person shall file with the county auditor such a written instrument of that person's authority.
(3) If the majority of the votes cast upon the question of such election shall be for annexation, then the territory concerned shall immediately be and become annexed to such district and the same shall then forthwith be a part of the district, the same as though originally included in that district.


Part headings not law1999 c 153: See note following RCW 57.04.050.
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