Chapter 53.25 RCW



HTMLPDF 53.25.010Marginal landsDeclaration of policies and purposes.
HTMLPDF 53.25.020Marginal landsFurther declaration.
HTMLPDF 53.25.030"Marginal lands" defined.
HTMLPDF 53.25.040Industrial development districts authorizedBoundariesDeletion of land area.
HTMLPDF 53.25.050Tax title lands may be conveyed to district.
HTMLPDF 53.25.060Private lands may be conveyed to districtCancellation of taxes.
HTMLPDF 53.25.070Discharge of trust.
HTMLPDF 53.25.080When lands revert to county.
HTMLPDF 53.25.090Conditions precedent to making improvements.
HTMLPDF 53.25.100Powers as to industrial development districts.
HTMLPDF 53.25.110Sale authorized in industrial development district.
HTMLPDF 53.25.120Notice of hearing on saleHearingPlans and specificationsConditionsDevotion of property to public use.
HTMLPDF 53.25.130Findings and determinationRecordAppeal.
HTMLPDF 53.25.140Action on determinationSale by competitive bid or negotiation.
HTMLPDF 53.25.150Competitive bidsConditionsAcceptance.
HTMLPDF 53.25.160Devotion of property to intended useRemedyRestraint on alienation.
HTMLPDF 53.25.170Covenant running with the landForfeiture.
HTMLPDF 53.25.190Eminent domain.
HTMLPDF 53.25.200Advances of general fund moneys or credit.
HTMLPDF 53.25.210Determination that land sought by eminent domain is marginal.
HTMLPDF 53.25.900Repeal and saving.