Chapter 52.26 RCW



HTMLPDF 52.26.010Findings.
HTMLPDF 52.26.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 52.26.030Planning committeeFormationPowers.
HTMLPDF 52.26.040Planning committeeFormulation of service planCompetition with private ambulance service.
HTMLPDF 52.26.050Service planTaxes and benefit charges.
HTMLPDF 52.26.060Service planSubmission to voters.
HTMLPDF 52.26.070Service authorityFormationChallenges.
HTMLPDF 52.26.080Organization and composition of governing boardCommissioner positions, districts.
HTMLPDF 52.26.090Powers of governing boardDesignation of some other person as treasurer, when authorized.
HTMLPDF 52.26.100Transfer of responsibilities and employees to authorityCivil service system.
HTMLPDF 52.26.110Withdrawal, reannexation of territory.
HTMLPDF 52.26.120Dissolution of fire protection districtElectionTransfer of responsibilities.
HTMLPDF 52.26.130DebtInterlocal contractsGeneral obligation bonds.
HTMLPDF 52.26.140Levy of taxesLevies authorized by special electionIndebtednessDefinition.
HTMLPDF 52.26.150Levy of taxesTo be made by county or counties where authority is located.
HTMLPDF 52.26.160Taxation of lands lying within authority and forest protection assessment area.
HTMLPDF 52.26.170Collection of taxes.
HTMLPDF 52.26.180Benefit chargesExemptionsAnnual reviewDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 52.26.190Benefit chargesExemptions.
HTMLPDF 52.26.200Benefit chargesResolutionCounty assessor's duties.
HTMLPDF 52.26.210Benefit chargesAdministration and collection by county treasurer.
HTMLPDF 52.26.220Benefit chargesSubmission to votersRenewal.
HTMLPDF 52.26.230Benefit chargesEstablishmentPublic hearingsNotice to property owners.
HTMLPDF 52.26.240Benefit chargesLimitation on imposition of property tax.
HTMLPDF 52.26.250Benefit chargesComplaintsReview board.
HTMLPDF 52.26.260Benefit chargesModel resolutionAssistance by Washington fire commissioners association.
HTMLPDF 52.26.270Benefit chargesAdditional exemption.
HTMLPDF 52.26.280Civil serviceWhen authorized or required.
HTMLPDF 52.26.290Annexation of territory.
HTMLPDF 52.26.300Annexation of fire protection jurisdiction within reasonable proximity to authority.
HTMLPDF 52.26.310Biennial budget authority.