Chapter 52.16 RCW



HTMLPDF 52.16.010County treasurer as financial agentDesignation of some other person as treasurer, when authorized.
HTMLPDF 52.16.020Funds.
HTMLPDF 52.16.030Budget for each fundBiennial budget authority.
HTMLPDF 52.16.040Tax leviesAssessment rollCollection.
HTMLPDF 52.16.050Disbursal of fundsIssuance of warrantsMonthly reports.
HTMLPDF 52.16.061General obligation bondsIssuanceLimitations.
HTMLPDF 52.16.070Obligations shall not exceed taxes, revenues, and cash balancesExceptions.
HTMLPDF 52.16.080Bonds may be issued for capital purposesExcess property tax levies.
HTMLPDF 52.16.130General levy authorizedLimitExcess levy at special election.
HTMLPDF 52.16.140General levy may exceed limitWhen.
HTMLPDF 52.16.150Donations and bequests to district.
HTMLPDF 52.16.160Tax levy authorized.
HTMLPDF 52.16.170Taxation and assessment of lands lying both within a fire protection district and forest protection assessment area.