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Condemnation proceedings.

A fire protection district may unite in a single action, proceedings to condemn property which is held by separate owners. Two or more condemnation suits instituted separately may also, in the discretion of the court, upon a motion of an interested party, be consolidated into a single action. In these cases, the jury shall render separate verdicts for each tract of land in different ownership. A finding of the jury or decree of the court as to damages shall not in any manner be construed to abridge or destroy the right of the district to levy and collect taxes for district purposes against the uncondemned land situated within the district. The title acquired by a fire protection district in condemnation proceedings shall be the fee simple title or a lesser estate as designated in the decree of appropriation.
[ 1984 c 230 § 21; 1939 c 34 § 19; RRS § 5654-119. Formerly RCW 52.08.050.]
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