Chapter 52.06 RCW



52.06.001Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
52.06.010Merger of districts authorizedReviewDefinition.
52.06.030Action on petitionSpecial election.
52.06.050Vote requiredStatus after favorable vote.
52.06.060Merger by petition.
52.06.070Obligations of merged districts.
52.06.080Delivery of property and funds.
52.06.085Board membership upon merger of districtsSubsequent boardsCreation of commissioner districts.
52.06.090Merger of part of district with a district within reasonable proximity.
52.06.100Merger of part of district with adjacent districtWhen election unnecessary.
52.06.110Transfer of employees.
52.06.120Transfer of employeesRights and benefits.
52.06.130Transfer of employeesNoticeTime limitation.
52.06.140Merger of districts located in different countiesDistrict name.
52.06.150Merger of districts located in same countyDistrict name.