Chapter 51.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 51.04.010Declaration of police powerJurisdiction of courts abolished.
HTMLPDF 51.04.020Powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 51.04.024Establishment of investigation unitReceipt and use of criminal history information.
HTMLPDF 51.04.030Medical aidRulesMaximum feesRecords and bill payment.
HTMLPDF 51.04.040Subpoena power of directorEnforcement by superior courtApplication for court approval prior to issuanceNo notice required.
HTMLPDF 51.04.050Physician or licensed advanced registered nurse practitioner's testimony not privileged.
HTMLPDF 51.04.060No evasion of benefits or burdens.
HTMLPDF 51.04.062Findings.
HTMLPDF 51.04.063Injured worker optionsClaim resolution settlement agreements.
HTMLPDF 51.04.065Claim resolution settlement agreementsAvailability of copies.
HTMLPDF 51.04.069Claim resolution settlement agreementsReports and studies.
HTMLPDF 51.04.070Minor worker is sui jurisGuardianship expense.
HTMLPDF 51.04.080Sending notices, orders, payments to claimants.
HTMLPDF 51.04.082Notices and ordersMail, personal service, or electronic means.
HTMLPDF 51.04.085Transmission of amounts payable.
HTMLPDF 51.04.090Effect of adjudication of applicability.
HTMLPDF 51.04.100Statutes of limitation saved.
HTMLPDF 51.04.105Continuation of medical aid contracts.
HTMLPDF 51.04.110Workers' compensation advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 51.04.120Certificate of coverage requiredContents.
HTMLPDF 51.04.130Industrial insurance coverage for Hanford workersSpecial agreements.
HTMLPDF 51.04.150Education and outreachWorkers' compensation, premium responsibilities, and independent contractor issues.
HTMLPDF 51.04.153FraudUnderground economyFindingUse of best practices.
HTMLPDF 51.04.160Logger safety initiativeTask forceReport.
HTMLPDF 51.04.165Information about scholarship opportunitiesCosts.
HTMLPDF 51.04.170Firefighter safetyDepartment must establish best practices.
HTMLPDF 51.04.175Firefighter safetyFunding authorized for equipment that may be necessary to follow best practicesEligibility for funding.
HTMLPDF 51.04.180State of emergencySafety grant program expendituresProcedures.
HTMLPDF 51.04.190Transportation network companies.