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Warrant for assessment.

Whenever any order and notice of assessment or jeopardy assessment has become final in accordance with the provisions of this title the commissioner may file with the clerk of any county within the state a warrant in the amount of the notice of assessment plus interest, penalties, and a filing fee under RCW 36.18.012(10). The clerk of the county wherein the warrant is filed shall immediately designate a superior court cause number for such warrant, and the clerk shall cause to be entered in the judgment docket under the superior court cause number assigned to the warrant, the name of the employer mentioned in the warrant, the amount of the tax, interest, penalties, and filing fee and the date when such warrant was filed. The aggregate amount of such warrant as docketed shall become a lien upon the title to, and interest in all real and personal property of the employer against whom the warrant is issued, the same as a judgment in a civil case duly docketed in the office of such clerk. Such warrant so docketed shall be sufficient to support the issuance of writs of execution and writs of garnishment in favor of the state in the manner provided by law in the case of civil judgment, wholly or partially unsatisfied. The clerk of the court shall be entitled to a filing fee under RCW 36.18.012(10), which shall be added to the amount of the warrant, and charged by the commissioner to the employer. A copy of the warrant shall be mailed to the employer using a method by which the mailing can be tracked or the delivery can be confirmed within five days of filing with the clerk.
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