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Employer penalties.

(1) An employer who willfully fails to make the required reports is subject to penalties as follows: (a) For the second occurrence, the penalty is seventy-five dollars; (b) for the third occurrence, the penalty is one hundred fifty dollars; and (c) for the fourth occurrence and for each occurrence thereafter, the penalty is two hundred fifty dollars.
(2) An employer who willfully fails to remit the full amount of the premiums when due is liable, in addition to the full amount of premiums due and amounts assessed as interest under RCW 50A.45.025, to a penalty equal to the premiums and interest.
(3)  Any penalties under this section shall be deposited into the family and medical leave enforcement account.
(4) For the purposes of this section, "willful" means a knowing and intentional action that is neither accidental nor the result of a bona fide dispute.
(5) The department shall enforce the collection of penalties through conference and conciliation.
(6) These penalties may be appealed as provided in RCW 50A.50.010 through 50A.50.200.
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