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Elective coverageSelf-employed.

(1) For benefits payable beginning January 1, 2020, any self-employed person, including a sole proprietor, independent contractor, partner, or joint venturer, may elect coverage under this title for an initial period of not less than three years and subsequent periods of not less than one year immediately following a period of coverage. Those electing coverage under this section must elect coverage for both family leave and medical leave and are responsible for payment of one hundred percent of all premiums assessed to an employee under RCW 50A.10.030. The self-employed person must file a notice of election in writing with the department, in a manner as required by the department in rule. The self-employed person is eligible for family and medical leave benefits after working eight hundred twenty hours in the state during the qualifying period following the date of filing the notice.
(2) A self-employed person who has elected coverage may withdraw from coverage within thirty days after the end of each period of coverage, or at such other times as the commissioner may adopt by rule, by filing a notice of withdrawal in writing with the commissioner, such withdrawal to take effect not sooner than thirty days after filing the notice with the commissioner.
(3) The department may cancel elective coverage if the self-employed person fails to make required payments or file reports. The department may collect due and unpaid premiums and may levy an additional premium for the remainder of the period of coverage. The cancellation shall be effective no later than thirty days from the date of the notice in writing advising the self-employed person of the cancellation.
(4) Those electing coverage are considered employers or employees where the context so dictates.
(5) For the purposes of this section, "independent contractor" means an individual excluded from employment under RCW 50A.05.010(8)(b) (iii) and (iv).
(6) In developing and implementing the requirements of this section, the department shall adopt government efficiencies to improve administration and reduce costs. These efficiencies may include, but are not limited to, requiring that payments be made in a manner and at intervals unique to the elective coverage program.
(7) The department shall adopt rules for determining the hours worked and the wages of individuals who elect coverage under this section and rules for enforcement of this section.
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