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Registered nursePrivileged communicationsExceptions.

No registered nurse providing primary care or practicing under protocols, whether or not the physical presence or direct supervision of a physician is required, may be examined in a civil or criminal action as to any information acquired in attending a patient in the registered nurse's professional capacity, if the information was necessary to enable the registered nurse to act in that capacity for the patient, unless:
(1) The patient consents to disclosure or, in the event of death or disability of the patient, his or her personal representative, heir, beneficiary, or devisee consents to disclosure; or
(2) The information relates to the contemplation or execution of a crime in the future, or relates to the neglect or the sexual or physical abuse of a child, or of a vulnerable adult as defined in RCW 74.34.020, or to a person subject to proceedings under chapter *70.96A, 71.05, or 71.34 RCW.


*Reviser's note: Chapter 70.96A RCW was repealed and/or recodified in its entirety pursuant to 2016 sp.s. c 29 §§ 301, 601, and 701.
Severability1989 c 271: See note following RCW 9.94A.510.
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