Chapter 49.46 RCW


(Formerly: Minimum wage act)


49.46.005Declaration of necessity and police powerConformity to modern fair labor standards.
49.46.020Minimum hourly wagePaid sick leave.
49.46.040InvestigationServices of federal agenciesEmployer's recordsIndustrial homework.
49.46.060Exceptions for learners, apprentices, messengers, persons with disabilities.
49.46.065Individual volunteering labor to state or local governmental agencyAmount reimbursed for expenses or received as nominal compensation not deemed salary for rendering services or affecting public retirement rights.
49.46.070Records of employerContentsInspectionSworn statement.
49.46.080New or modified regulationsJudicial reviewStay.
49.46.090Payment of amounts less than chapter requirementsEmployer's liabilityAssignment of claim.
49.46.100Prohibited acts of employerPenalty.
49.46.110Collective bargaining not impaired.
49.46.120Chapter establishes minimum standards and is supplementary to other lawsMore favorable standards unaffected.
49.46.130Minimum rate of compensation for employment in excess of forty hour workweekExceptions.
49.46.140Notification of employers.
49.46.160Automatic service charges.
49.46.170Employment of individuals with disabilities at less than the minimum wageState agencies prohibited.
49.46.180Paid sick leaveConstruction workers covered by a collective bargaining agreement excluded.
49.46.200Paid sick leave.
49.46.210Paid sick leaveAuthorized purposesLimitations"Family member" defined.
49.46.800Rights and remediesLong-term care individual providers covered under this chapter.
49.46.810Adoption, implementation of rules.
49.46.820Chapter 2, Laws of 2017 to be liberally construedLocal jurisdictions may adopt more favorable labor standards.
49.46.830Chapter 2, Laws of 2017 subject to investigation and recordkeeping provisions.
49.46.910Short title.
49.46.920Effective date1975 1st ex.s. c 289.


Enforcement of wage claims: RCW 49.48.040.