Chapter 49.24 RCW



HTMLPDF 49.24.010Pressure defined.
HTMLPDF 49.24.020Compressed air safety requirements.
HTMLPDF 49.24.030Medical and nursing attendants.
HTMLPDF 49.24.040Examination as to physical fitness.
HTMLPDF 49.24.060Penalty.
HTMLPDF 49.24.070Enforcement.
HTMLPDF 49.24.080Requirements for underground labor.
HTMLPDF 49.24.100Lighting appliances.
HTMLPDF 49.24.110Exhaust valves.
HTMLPDF 49.24.120Fire prevention.
HTMLPDF 49.24.130Air chambersHanging walks.
HTMLPDF 49.24.140Locks.
HTMLPDF 49.24.150Explosives and detonators.
HTMLPDF 49.24.160Air plantFeed water.
HTMLPDF 49.24.170Electric power requirements.
HTMLPDF 49.24.180Inspection.
HTMLPDF 49.24.190Cars, cages, bucketsEmployees riding or walking.
HTMLPDF 49.24.200Speed of vehicles.
HTMLPDF 49.24.210Oil supply restricted.
HTMLPDF 49.24.220Explosives, use ofBlasting.
HTMLPDF 49.24.230Firing switchWarning by blaster.
HTMLPDF 49.24.240Inspection after blast.
HTMLPDF 49.24.250Code of signals.
HTMLPDF 49.24.260Requirements as to caissons.
HTMLPDF 49.24.270Shields to be provided.
HTMLPDF 49.24.280Caissons to be braced.
HTMLPDF 49.24.290CagesHoisting apparatus.
HTMLPDF 49.24.300Buckets in vertical shafts.
HTMLPDF 49.24.310Telephone system for tunnels.
HTMLPDF 49.24.320Location of lights.
HTMLPDF 49.24.330Generators, transformers, etc., to be grounded.
HTMLPDF 49.24.340Electrical voltage.
HTMLPDF 49.24.350Lamps to be held in reserve.
HTMLPDF 49.24.360Insulators required.
HTMLPDF 49.24.370Director to make rules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 49.24.380Penalty.


Coal mining code: Title 78 RCW.
Protection of employees: State Constitution Art. 2 § 35.
Supervisor of safety: RCW 43.22.040.