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Chapter 49.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 49.04.010Regulatory apprenticeship council createdCompositionTermsCompensationDuties.
HTMLPDF 49.04.030Supervisor of apprenticeshipDuties.
HTMLPDF 49.04.035Supervisor of apprenticeshipCompliance verification.
HTMLPDF 49.04.040Apprenticeship committeesCompositionDuties.
HTMLPDF 49.04.050Apprenticeship program standards.
HTMLPDF 49.04.060Apprenticeship agreements.
HTMLPDF 49.04.065Decisions of apprenticeship councilAppeal to director of labor and industriesJudicial appeal.
HTMLPDF 49.04.070Limitation.
HTMLPDF 49.04.080On-the-job training agreements and projectsSupervisor to promote.
HTMLPDF 49.04.090On-the-job training agreements and projectsAgreements with federal agencies.
HTMLPDF 49.04.100Apprenticeship programsCivil rights act advancement.
HTMLPDF 49.04.110Woman and racial minority representation in apprenticeship programsNoncompliance.
HTMLPDF 49.04.120Woman and racial minority representationCommunity colleges, vocational, or high schools to enlist woman and racial minority representation in apprenticeship programs.
HTMLPDF 49.04.130Woman and racial minority representationEmployer and employee organizations, apprenticeship council and committees, etc., to enlist woman and racial minority representation in apprenticeship programs.
HTMLPDF 49.04.141Transportation opportunitiesReport.
HTMLPDF 49.04.150Associate degree pathway.
HTMLPDF 49.04.160Student opportunitiesFindings.
HTMLPDF 49.04.170Student opportunitiesCenters of excellence, colleges to provide information.
HTMLPDF 49.04.180Student opportunitiesEducational outreach programAppropriate activities.
HTMLPDF 49.04.190Student opportunitiesBuilding and construction-related apprenticeshipsGrantsReport.
HTMLPDF 49.04.200Apprenticeship programs for energy audits and energy efficiency servicesPrioritization of workforce training programsOutreach efforts.
HTMLPDF 49.04.210Aerospace workforce council createdDutiesComposition.
HTMLPDF 49.04.220Aerospace apprenticeship utilization rateRequirementsReporting.
HTMLPDF 49.04.230Educational requirementsSecretary of health to define.
HTMLPDF 49.04.240Economic or industry sector-based platformsRequirementsReporting.
HTMLPDF 49.04.250Committee to develop appropriate apprenticeship programs for state agencies.
HTMLPDF 49.04.260Grant program for technology and remote learning infrastructure modernization of state registered apprenticeships.
HTMLPDF 49.04.270Grant program for wraparound support services.
HTMLPDF 49.04.280Grant program for updating equipment.
HTMLPDF 49.04.290Vouchers for driver's education courses.
HTMLPDF 49.04.300Apprenticeship retention study.
HTMLPDF 49.04.910Chapter not affected by certain laws against discrimination in employment because of age.


Apprenticeship agreements, inmates of state school for girls (Maple Lane school): RCW 72.20.090.
Child labor: RCW 26.28.060, 26.28.070.