Chapter 48.66 RCW



HTMLPDF 48.66.010Short titleIntentApplication of chapter.
HTMLPDF 48.66.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 48.66.025Restrictions on issuersAge of applicantsPreexisting conditions.
HTMLPDF 48.66.030RenewabilityBenefit standardsBenefit limitations.
HTMLPDF 48.66.035Commissioner's approval required.
HTMLPDF 48.66.041Minimum standards required by ruleWaiver.
HTMLPDF 48.66.045Mandated coverage for replacement policiesRates on a community-rated basis.
HTMLPDF 48.66.050Policy or certificate provisions prohibited by ruleWaivers restricted.
HTMLPDF 48.66.055Termination or disenrollmentApplication for coverageEligible personsTypes of policiesGuaranteed issue periods.
HTMLPDF 48.66.057Rejection of medicare eligible personWhen notice and information must be provided to applicant.
HTMLPDF 48.66.060Equal coverage of sickness and accidents.
HTMLPDF 48.66.070Adjustment of benefits and premiums for medicare cost-sharing.
HTMLPDF 48.66.080"Benefit period""Medicare benefit period"Minimum requirements.
HTMLPDF 48.66.090Guaranteed renewableExceptions.
HTMLPDF 48.66.100Loss ratio requirementsMass sales practices of individual policies.
HTMLPDF 48.66.110Disclosure by insurerOutline of coverage required.
HTMLPDF 48.66.120Return of policy and refund of premiumNotice requiredEffect of return.
HTMLPDF 48.66.130Preexisting condition limitations.
HTMLPDF 48.66.140Medical history.
HTMLPDF 48.66.150Reporting and recordkeeping, separate data required.
HTMLPDF 48.66.160Federal law supersedes.
HTMLPDF 48.66.165Conformity with federal lawRules.
HTMLPDF 48.66.910Effective date1981 c 153.
HTMLPDF 48.66.920ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.