Chapter 48.64 RCW



HTMLPDF 48.64.005IntentLiberal construction.
HTMLPDF 48.64.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 48.64.020Rules necessary to implement multistate programState risk manager.
HTMLPDF 48.64.030Authority to join or form programRequirementsTerms of agreement.
HTMLPDF 48.64.040When chapter not applicable.
HTMLPDF 48.64.050Management and operation of programsRules adopted by state risk manager.
HTMLPDF 48.64.060Program approval required from state risk managerPlan submission.
HTMLPDF 48.64.070Multistate programsConditions and requirements for participation.
HTMLPDF 48.64.080Program approval or disapprovalPlan reviewState risk manager's dutiesViolationsFinesAnnual program reports.
HTMLPDF 48.64.090Program may designate treasurerBond.
HTMLPDF 48.64.100Employees or officials of a participating affordable housing entityRestrictions on receiving anything of value.
HTMLPDF 48.64.110Programs are exempt from certain taxes and fees.
HTMLPDF 48.64.120Investigation feeAmount determined by state risk manager.
HTMLPDF 48.64.130Immunity from liability in civil actionsFiling, furnishing, or using information.
HTMLPDF 48.64.900Effective date2009 c 314.