Chapter 48.31B RCW



HTMLPDF 48.31B.005Definitions.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.010Domestic insurer may acquire subsidiariesAuthorized investmentsInsurer ceases to control subsidiaryDisposal of investment.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.015Control of insurerAcquisition, merger, or exchangePreacquisition notificationDivestment of controlling interestJurisdiction of courts.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.020Acquisition of insurerChange in controlDefinitionsExemptionsCompetitionPreacquisition notificationViolationsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.025Registration with commissionerInformation requiredRule makingDisclaimer of affiliationAnnual enterprise risk reportFailure to file.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.030Insurer subject to registrationStandards for transactions within a holding company systemExtraordinary dividends or distributionsInsurer's surplusOfficers and directors.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.035Examination of insurersCommissioner may order production of informationFailure to complyCosts of examination.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.036Internationally active insurance groupsGroup-wide supervisionCommissioner's authority and dutiesCosts.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.037Commissioner may participate in a supervisory collegePurposesCosts.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.038Confidentiality of certain documents, materials, or other informationPermitted uses.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.040Rule making.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.045Violations of chapterCommissioner may seek superior court order.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.050Violations of chapterFinesCivil forfeituresOrdersReferral to prosecuting attorneyImprisonmentOrders of supervision.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.055Violations of chapterImpairment of financial conditionCommissioner may take possession.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.060Order for liquidation or rehabilitationRecovery of distributions or paymentsPersonal liabilityMaximum amount recoverable.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.065Violations of chapterContrary to interests of policyholders or the publicSuspension, revocation, or nonrenewal of license.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.070Person aggrieved by actions of commissioner.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.900Short title.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.901Severability1993 c 462.
HTMLPDF 48.31B.902Implementation1993 c 462.