Chapter 48.30A RCW



HTMLPDF 48.30A.005FindingsIntent.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.015Unlawful actsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.020Defenses to proceedings under this chapter.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.030Injunction availableRemediesCostsAttorneys' feesDegree of proofTime limit.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.035Detrimental judgmentWritten notification to appropriate regulatory or disciplinary body or agency.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.040ViolationCause for disciplineUnprofessional conductRegulatory penalty.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.045Insurance antifraud planFile plan and changes with commissionerExemptions.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.050Insurance antifraud planSpecific procedures.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.055Insurance antifraud planReviewDisapprovalNoticeAudit to ensure compliance.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.060Insurance antifraud planActions taken by insurerReportNot public records.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.065Insurance antifraud plan or summary reportFailure to file or exercise good faithPenaltyFailure to follow planCivil penalty.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.070Duty to investigate, enforce, and prosecute violations.
HTMLPDF 48.30A.900Effective date1995 c 285.