Chapter 48.14 RCW



48.14.010Fee schedule.
48.14.020Premium taxes.
48.14.0201Premiums and prepayments taxHealth care servicesExemptionsState preemption.
48.14.021Reduction of taxPolicies connected with pension, etc., plans exempt or qualified under internal revenue code.
48.14.022TaxesExemptions and deductions.
48.14.025Prepayment of tax obligations under RCW 48.14.020.
48.14.027Exemption for state health care premiums before July 1, 1990.
48.14.030Tax statement.
48.14.040Retaliatory provision.
48.14.060Failure to pay taxPenalty.
48.14.080Premium tax in lieu of other formsExceptionsDefinition.
48.14.090Determining amount of direct premium taxable in this state.
48.14.095Unlawful or delinquent insurers or taxpayersComputing the tax payableRisks, exposures, or enrolled participants only partially in state.
48.14.100Foreign or alien insurers, continuing liability for taxes.