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Credit for reinsuranceAccounting or financial statementAfter December 31, 1996.

Credit for reinsurance, as either an asset or a deduction, is prohibited in an accounting or financial statement of the ceding insurer in respect to the reinsurance contract unless, in such contract, the reinsurer undertakes to indemnify the ceding insurer against all or a part of the loss or liability arising out of the original insurance. This section only applies to those reinsurance contracts entered into after December 31, 1996.
[ 1997 c 379 § 5. Formerly RCW 48.12.164.]


PurposeIntent1997 c 379: "(1) The purpose of this act is to protect the interest of insureds, claimants, ceding insurers, assuming insurers, and the public generally.
(2) It is the intent of the legislature to ensure adequate regulation of insurers and reinsurers and adequate protection for those to whom they owe obligations.
(3) It is also the intent of the legislature to declare that the matters contained in this act are fundamental to the business of insurance and to exercise its powers and privileges under 15 U.S.C. Secs. 1011 and 1012." [ 1997 c 379 § 1.]
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