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Declarations of extent of reciprocity, whenExemptions, benefits, and privilegesRules.

In the absence of an agreement or arrangement with another jurisdiction, the department may examine the laws and requirements of such jurisdiction and declare the extent and nature of exemptions, benefits and privileges to be extended to vehicles properly registered or licensed in such other jurisdiction, or to the owners of such vehicles, which shall, in the judgment of the department, be in the best interest of this state and the citizens thereof and which shall be fair and equitable to this state and the citizens thereof, and all of the same shall be determined on the basis and recognition of the benefits which accrue to the economy of this state from the uninterrupted flow of commerce. Declarations of exemptions, benefits, and privileges issued by the department shall include at least the following exemptions:
(1) Nonresident persons not employed in this state may operate a vehicle in this state that is currently licensed in another jurisdiction for a period not to exceed six months in any continuous twelve-month period.
(2) Nonresident persons employed in this state may operate vehicles not to exceed twelve thousand pounds registered gross vehicle weight that are currently licensed in another jurisdiction if no permanent, temporary, or part-time residence is maintained in this state for a period greater than six months in any continuous twelve-month period.
(3) A vehicle or a combination of vehicles, not exceeding a registered gross or combined gross vehicle weight of twelve thousand pounds, which is properly base licensed in another jurisdiction and registered to a bona fide business in that jurisdiction is not required to obtain Washington vehicle license registration except when such vehicle is owned or operated by a business or branch office of a business located in Washington.
(4) The department of licensing, after consultation with the department of revenue, shall adopt such rules as it deems necessary for the administration of these exemptions, benefits, and privileges.


Effective date1982 c 227: See note following RCW 19.09.100.
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